Logistics Excellence by Design

Total Forwarder Support

Forwarder Services Group is a dedicated group of forwarder professionals and executives that bring their career knowledge to assist your company in international logistical control in the United States, domestic U.S. efficiencies of outsourcing key services, and financial guidance to help you reach your ultimate goal for a better company.

Our hands-on experience in mergers and acquisitions, financial review and analysis, operational guidance and direction; brings our wealth of knowledge to your company. On site due diligence, personnel interviews, executive counseling are all part of our services. We help companies get a better and more objective look at their potential investment, positioning, and ultimately profitability.

Outsourcing key functions can sometimes make all the difference and FSG offers an array of outsourcing options to make a forwarder more affective in servicing their customer. Claims handling and collections outsource solutions are just a couple of the options we offer.

We understand the frustrations of relying on an overseas agent to be a true representative and advocate for your needs and being disappointed with slow responses, over charges, lack of interest, and poor customer skills. Our experience in international and domestic forwarding, both air and ocean, allows us to provide your customer a level of service that gives them the feeling that you have your own offices and terminals in the U.S. market. 

Let us help you complete your supply chain right up to your customer’s door.