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About FSG

Forwarder Services Group started with the idea that freight forwarders could use the services of proven professionals to better assist their particular requirements for Cargo Services, Representation and Consultation, and Sales Management. No one firm combined the capabilities of providing a mobile group of experts that can act as a temporary advisor, long-term operational partner, or sales management leader. As the forwarder’s advocate, private equity companies could use the expertise of FSG to assist in acquisition analysis; while forwarders had the ability to use our service to position their companies for possible future sale consideration.


Our Mission

FSG has gathered the most experienced group of professionals in the logistics industry to provide a wide array of exceptional services to the overseas freight forwarder doing business in the United States, domestic forwarders looking to make their companies more streamlined or efficient, and to companies looking to acquire and assess forwarder synergies.

Our commitment is to provide superior service and understanding. And through our skilled and knowledgeable FSG professionals, we will provide a direct relationship between excellence and your success.


Our Vision

Our intent is to become the forwarder’s one-stop solution for doing better business and the financial market’s partner is making forwarder purchase, sale, and mergers successful.


In future the question asked would be
“Did you have FSG review to insure we are on the right track?”


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