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Forwarder Services Group has partnered with two of the most reputable and reliable companies assisting the transportation industry.  Both partners, Interclaims and Leib Solutions have many years of expertise in the handling of third party claims and accounts receivable management and collections services. We understand that claims and collections issues need to be treated as an opportunity to strengthen your client relationships, and so our freight forwarding claims and collections specialists focus on keeping the relationship "human," all while effectively managing your claims & collections needs.


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Claim Services

Wouldn't it be great to maintain a service relationship with your clients, while someone else handled all the negative interactions? With outsourced Claims services, our partner Interclaims can take this burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on providing superior service and keeping your clients happy. With an in-house freight claims management system, respectful adjustment explanations, on-site attorney support, and established protocols that have a proven rate of return, you can rest assured that your claims services will be professionally handled. Some of the key functions we handle -- for nearly any type of international and domestic ocean, air, or motor freight claim, are:

  • Receive and acknowledge claim to client
  • Issue notice to responsible third-parties to preserve rights
  • Review facts of loss, even dispatching surveyor if prudent
  • Request and collect relevant  documentation and information
  • Analyze potential exposure under the law
  • Establish, review, and maintain recommended reserve figures
  • Investigate and document witness testimony
  • Develop strategy and tactics for claim resolution
  • Adjust claim pursuant to law, contracts, and proof of loss
  • Engage third-parties for claim payment/funding as required
  • Respectfully provide claim adjustment explanation to your client, explaining the results, and why
  • Settle the claims, including tendering funds
  • Notify clients of glaring omissions or flaws in forms or procedures
  • Assemble and maintain files suitable for counsel, if needed
  • Manage accounting data accurately and specifically
  • Issue payments to surveyors and vendors
  • Issue periodic account reviews with statistics
  • Archive closed claim files and maintain as required

Forwarder Services Group and their partners  Interclaims and Leib Solutions can simplify your life while enhancing your relationship with your customer. Please contact us now for additional information:

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Collection Services

Well-handled collections services can not only stabilize your cash-flow and lower bad debt expenses, but can do so while maintaining a positive relationship with your client. Leib’s Accounts Receivable Management (often referred to as ARM) and commercial collections solutions have been designed to assure the most successful, fastest outcomes possible. We understand that we are often your "ambassador," and therefore we respect the people -- your clients -- involved. Leib’s ARM services are transportation-industry specific, with the following key benefits:

  • Collections are always handled in a respectful, creative, and savvy nature
  • We help keep your customer service separate from collections ... maintaining better relationships with your clients.
  • Once in collections, the team offers different roles as needed: collections, dispute resolution, deductions management, reconciliation, and much more
  • Act as a seamless extension of your in-house credit/collections department. This teamwork approach means we treat your customers as you would.
  • At all times we treat your customers with respect, not only maintaining your relationship, but assuring the maximum collections possible.
  • Committed to a strict code of ethical and professional conduct.
  • Offer a tenacious zeal in collections, with the top team, expert industry knowledge, and respect for the parties involved
  • Assist credit and collections managers by drawing on a massive database to know which companies have a history of payment problems, thereby avoiding trouble in the first place

Manage your cash better, resolve claims more effectively, run your day to day business, and do so all while keeping your clients happy. Forwarder Services Group ... your partner in transportation industry services.

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