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FSG offers a wide array of representative services. If you have a freight related legal issue in the U.S. with a person or company, FSG can be able to provide you with advice that could save thousands in fruitless legal costs. In cases where we deem you have justification for legal action, FSG will recommend a lawyer that specializes in your area of dispute.

We also provide claims and collections services. For claims, we offer full claims handling services for your insurance claims, whether or not we wrote the policy. On the collections side, we can replace your collections department, which will save you time and money. Our professionals can help in a variety of ways that assist both overseas and U.S. freight forwarders improve cash flow.

To better help you navigate our services we have divided our services by the type of client. Please click the links below to learn more. 

Financial Community

Overseas Forwarders

Domestic Forwarders


For the Financial Community

  • FSG will help equity buyers looking to acquire forwarders that fit their goals for expansion, nitch services, pure revenue growth, or cultural assimilation.
  • Our group will go to work in doing an in depth due diligence that comes from dealing in this industry for decades. FSG can have their experts do the “sniff testing” that tells the strengths, problems, and personality road bumps that might be hidden deep below the numbers alone.
  • For independent company acquisitions to be successful takes people with the skills, empathy, and experience to insure all parties feel their concerns are represented.
  • Financial reviews by our team can tell you quickly where to look for problems within a company and assist in doing the diligence needed to assure proper consideration.

For the Overseas Forwarder

Domestic Cargo Insurance Coverage

Insurance Claim Follow Up

  • Outsourcing your claims handling to FSG will lower your expenses and need for an in-house department, claims handling efficiency will improve
  • FSG will provide a comparison to your current method of claims work to show how our claims handling will save your company money

Legal Advisory and Referral

  • Our experts will assess your legal dispute, give you a collective opinion, and save you the effort of a long legal battle. 

Credit and Collection Services

  • A full-service third party administrative consulting team capable of specializing in cargo claims of all types as well as risk exposure analysis, mitigation and management. From immediate-response dispatch of reputable surveyors and proper claim adjustment to coordinating legal representation, all through one group. Professional services cover:
    • Outsourced third party claims management.
    • Underwriter Claims administration
    • Supply Chain risk analysis and management
    • Real time cargo loss recovery
    • Supporting all modes of transportation
    • Legal affiliation
  • Our collections department stands ready to help in your pursuit of monies owed to your company.
  • We provide subrogation collections, which may surprise you to learn what you’re missing.

For the Domestic Forwarder

Outsource Solutions


Financial Consultation

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