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Forwarder Services Group offers overseas forwarder clients full assistance with their sales needs. If you’re frustrated that your U.S. agent isn’t adequately following up on sales leads, developing sales opportunities, or responding in a timely manner to your sales inquiries, then we have a solution for you. FSG can be a neutral partner to your organization, and we will present ourselves as your representative when contacting potential companies that control the freight you would like to obtain.

We at FSG also have the buying clout that you need to move shipments from the U.S. back to your overseas market. We have industry contacts to make this happen, and we will guide the forwarder with your service requirements.

If you’re looking for a more lasting relationship, FSG will act as your sales partner on a retainer based sales program as well. With a monthly fee, we will handle your sales lead follow up, lead generation, sales call minimums, and customer contacts.


Sales Lead Follow Up / Reporting

  • We’ll do the follow up in each major gateway city, report back timely to sales leads, and give you the answers you need to tie up the sale.


Referral and Follow Up - Export

  • We will gladly refer quality freight forwarders to assist with U.S. exports that meet your requirements for service, mode, and price. Our years in the industry has given us a network of exceptional companies that are anxious to provide the service you need for your customers.


Sales Personnel Management

  • From one person to an entire sales team, we can manage a sales program to your requirements nationwide, including salary, benefits, sales production measurements, and full support.
  • Perhaps you have a person located in the U.S. that you need managed, including someone to oversee salary, benefits, and supply of expertise to get their job done. We can handle that.
  • If you want to send your sales associate into the U.S. to represent your company, let us assist your efforts with immigration services and facilitate their orientation.

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